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The Photographer and the Hare


When wondering the desert in Joshua Tree National Park, one might catch a glimpse of a jackrabbit. I say a glimpse, because in my experience a jackrabbit will be zooming across the desert away from you as fast as 36mph. You will catch a glimpse of it’s ears bouncing amongst the desert shrubs fading off into the distance. This most recent visit to Joshua Tree led me to this fine specimen amongst the Cholla Garden.

Sunburst over the Cholla Garden

This very unfriendly landscape would make a full sprint exit difficult for the little guy, and perhaps that factored in his decision to allow me to get close and photograph. I was goign to shoot star trail shots here, an idea I later abandoned. As I was wondering the garden around sunset I caught sight of this little hare and quietly switched to my 100-400mm zoom. Slowly but surely I approached, snapping pictures along the way. He (or she) was definitely aware of my presence, but seemed unconcerned. Here he stood at attention, evaluating my threat level.


Ever with one eye giving me a piercing gaze, he foraged for food.

Two-legged Jackrabbit

Cautiously eating

Always a treat to see wildlife up close. Almost certainly the next time I see a desert hare it will be a pair of ears darting away from my approach.

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